Looking for a sex girl


Moving back to my encounter, I arrived in his hotel suite sharp at pm.

My client was in early fifties, well build and quite a gentleman. There was something mix in the drink as I felt dizzy after having it. The general lifted me to the bed where he unbuttoned my shirt, removed my pants to made me appear in lingerie.

The guy inserted his cock inside my vagina gently and moved it in all directions till he ejaculated inside my body.

Both of us achieved our sexual orgasms at the same time.

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Finally, I spread my legs to give him an indication that I am ready to accept him.

He was a high profile politician often seen on Television.

He landed straight into my apartment from the flight.

I could see the bulge inside his pants as soon as garment went off my body. At that moment, my date rose from the bed and came beside me.

He made me sit on the bed and looking straight into my eyes for some time cupped my bosom.

He was quite a gentleman as he deleted the video soon after seeing it.

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