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40 Did William Hulburd I Marry Secondly an Ann “Amy” [] in 1643? Thomas Marshfield in 1643 42 William Hulburd I Removes to Hartford, CT from about 1647 - 1651 43 Where was the Palisado at Early Hartford, CT Situated? The bottom of pg 64 states: ‘It appears that 20 home lots were marked off at the outset.... in Brasher Falls, NY, m.____ Isabella ________ (b.? ____) Per the Internet site : “Hulburd, Calvin Tilden (1809-1897)… Member of New York State Assembly 1842-44, 1862 (St. 45 William Hulburd I Returns to Windsor, CT For His Last Marriage to the Widow Ann (née Whitmore) Allen about 1651 46 William Hulburd I Removes to Northampton, MA by about 1656 of Northampton, MA (1640 – 1713) 66 Who Owned “Hulbert’s Mill” in Florence, MA in the First Half of the 1700’s ? Only sixteen of these lots, however, were taken up by actual settlers.... An individual is identified in this genealogical account as “of” a certain township, based upon where they had demonstrably last spent a minimum of 5 uninterrupted years of their life. I also have a hard time believing, that 4 years later in 1675, it was a 71 year old William Hulburd I who went to settle Squakeag, rather than his 21 year old son William Hulburd II. Therefore, for example, Amos Hulbert who died in Wyalusing, PA (in the same year he had moved there) is listed as “Amos Hulbert of Hanover, NJ, because the last 5 year long continuous residence known or inferred for him, was at Hanover, NJ. However, as you have speculated, it’s entirely possible that William Hulburd I could have been the petitioner/engager with the full intention of the land in Northfield being developed and inherited by William II, since older son John Hulburd Sr. (apparently entered intention to marry on ) in Hopkendon (St. [Note DMI: The process of cutting and pasting the body of this nearly 500 page into this Wikipage on , has left the original formatting of the document altered/changed, in an often confusing manner. Similarly, the birth of William II and Mary’s first child, Thomas, is recorded in Northampton, MA records on , not necessarily indicating that they were in physical residence in Northampton, MA at this time, but that Enfield, CT was considered by MA to be a part of Northampton, MA]., pg 466, William Hulburd II was grated 400 acres as an aside in a joint petition of the towns of Northampton and Westfield to divide land between them, being signed , and granted in the June session in 1701, the land being divided provided that the “Springfield grant be not impinged…

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Furthermore, there are examples of both Hurlbut and Hulburd descendants who, over time, have adopted a generic surname spelling of “Hulbert”, which further complicates efforts to distinguish these two genetically unrelated families from one another. I continued in an email of to JH: “Regarding that link you had sent me on to example of colonial Hulburd men who were minors, acting as though they had already attained the legal age of majority (i.e. Also note, that in the Wikipedia entry on King Philip's War, it mentions that Suffield (neighboring Enfield, CT) was also attacked.

Anything that does not have a documented source should not be taken as fact, but rather used as a starting point for your own research. ____, m.____, it was indicated, that this child had three children, who in turn had their own children (2, 3, 2 respectively); H-6 John R. The reference to Obadiah Hulburd/Hulbert defending his mother Mary Howard's interests, was that he was the executor for her estate Note DMI: Neither probable nor possible, as her husband William Hulburd II would have been her executor, and Obadiah was still a minor at her death.

This is a continuous work in progress, and I will try to update and correct errors as I find them and when time allows. The reference to “Obadiah representing his mother’s interest” is dubious at best, and should be ignored by researchers unless some documentation surfaces suggesting otherwise].

18 Hulbert Church Records from Reading, England and Surroundings Prior to 1630 20 The Connection of William Hulburd I to Robert Keayne of London, England and Boston, MA 22 Did William Hulburd I Immigrate to MA in 1629 Aboard the Higginson Fleet? When the engagers re-petitioned the court the following year, the 33 original petitioners had now become reduced to only 23 petitioners; loosing the signature of Samuel Allen Jr. Representative from New York 17th District, 1863-69; delegate to Republican National Convention from New York, 1868…”; Ebenezer Hulburd III, b.

24 The Founding of Dorchester, MA 29 William Hulburd I, Appears at Dorchester, MA in 1630 31 Origins of the Belief That the Hulburds Have a Welsh Ancestry 33 Origins of the Belief that a William “Hulbird” had Arrived on the Ship 35 William Hulburd I Removes to Windsor, CT; Likely with the Group of Initial Settlers 36 The Location of “Backer Row” in the Early Windsor, CT Settlement 38 William Hulburd I’s Movements are Shadowed by the Tinker Family 39 Did William Hulburd I Introduce His Sister-in-Law Anne Tinker to Thomas Thornton? in the process - but still retaining the signature of William ‘Hurlburt’.

Additionally, Hurlbuts can sometimes appear with the surname spelling of “Hulbert”, and veritable Hulburds can sometimes appear in sources and older records even as “Hurlbut”. This may be how William II (who himself had grown up in Northampton, MA since he was about 2 years old) had become familiar with the Enfield, CT area (i.e. The opening line of pg 59 of said book, sums up why I feel it was William II (albeit at 18 years old) who was an initial petitioner to settle Squakeag / Northfield in 1671, and not his 67 year old father William I , was a bold push’. 1910 in Maywood, IL, m.c.1850 Cornelia Jane Stebbings (b.c.1825 d.

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