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His account of our first date was that he was interested in getting to know me.

We walked around Lake Merritt getting drenched in the rain (a lake in the heart of the city), yet we did not even care. Shauna and Kareem have been together for almost two years now and decided to travel the world as digital nomads.

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I and other members here at the Yahoo romance scams group have had the similar experience. Many times they are Nigerian Men posing as women to scam older lonely middle aged men out of money.I wanted a traditional love story where we meet on the street and our eyes catch each other ~ love at first sight. We live in a growing digital nomad culture where on the one hand, the paradox of having it be harder to connect with each other is met with the other hand of it being now easier to connect between time and space is met with both hands.Bring these paradoxes together and you have your hands in prayer.So I did what I could like the love stories of my grandparents and family members, I arranged to meet for our first date at a grocery store.My grandparents fell in love at a grocery store, so it was only sensible. It was raining heavily in the Bay Area and he was wearing a long black overcoat and sweat pants.I saw him walk through the door and I almost passed out.

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