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Next week, my uncle went to drop his mother to her native place.

That night, I saw my aunt fully naked for the first time.

juice to live." Aunty said, "That reminds me, dear, my breasts are heavy now with milk.

Suck my breasts", and pulled my head to her right breast.

For the rest of the night, aunt was without mangal sutra and she did not mind.

In fact, she seemed to be feeling happy being without that mangal sutra.

Then she took of her sari, blouse and petticoat and became naked.

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Most of that night, aunt and I played love games with my aunt, s!

With all our love making, at one point, auntie’s mangal sutra got cut and all the beads and the gold fell on the bed.

We picked up all of them and bundled them up in a piece of paper so that next day, aunt can put them on a thread again.

She removed her blouse, sari and petticoat and stood before me like a goddess.

She looked gorgeous with nice legs and thighs and wonderfully shaped breasts.

After a while, she put one leg over me and started making pushing motions pressing my prick more tightly over her pudenda.

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