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~ Editor: Jennifer Cusano Kristin Driskell is a passionate yoga student and teacher who loves to learn, mostly through the experience of traveling near and far.

“It is felt to be valuable by many of the pupils,” English teacher Dr David James says.“Concentration is an important skill that needs cultivation.It is important for our sense of purpose and happiness to be able to stop and think.” The speed of life is making it increasingly more important, Kelly says.He remains a teacher at the all-boys Tonbridge in Kent, where all Year 10 pupils “do” mindfulness, taught by Burnett and the headmaster Tim Haynes.Mindfulness was elected as part of the school day because Burnett believes it to be an important life skill – it is more than just an aid to academia, but something to take on into later life.“Mindfulness helps you to calm down, take a step back and stops you focusing on negative thoughts,” he says.

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