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Another study by Superdrug pointed to the fact that those preferences change depending on where specifically you are in the world.

Having spoken to a sex therapist about the most important factors to remember in the bedroom, it’s communication that’s key – and that also means knowing yourself well enough to understand what you actually want to know and the repercussions of that choice.

The latest, from Dr Ed, tells us that 43% of Europeans never want to discuss their sexual history with their partner which if I’m honest, I get.

It’s not something I’m proud of but I’m definitely the jealous and possessive one in my relationship and the thought of my boyfriend with anyone else quite frankly makes me feel a little nauseous – but I’m also an insatiably curious person and there’s nothing I love more than knowing all the ins and outs of someone’s past. So, while I have never asked my current squeeze’s ‘number’, I’ve come to a sensible estimate in my head that I can happily live with.

Consider the genuine opponents of the convention, who had other arguments against it, different from those related to a presumed “third sex.” These conservative yet sensible people had to join forces with populists and experience Facebook echo chambers filled with hysterical shouting. Take also the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), which opposed the convention. The chief international promoter of the document is the Party of European Socialists (PES) – and its president is Bulgarian Sergei Stanishev, the former leader of the BSP.

Bulgarian Socialists had never before obstructed the convention, argued Stanishev, sparring publicly with the current BSP leader, Kornelia Ninova.

Another study commissioned for the DVD release of went a step further and found specifically that in reality, British women will have eight sexual partners before they settle down with a partner – and that half of those tend to be one-night stands.

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