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Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo, who played Jenny Humphrey and Eric van der Woodsen on the CW soap, were spotted on the NYC this week.The news prompted many fans to wonder if the show was bringing back yet another set of familiar faces for the finale.However, you probably would've walked right by her without realizing it. And she even posed for a photo with Paris Hilton, the least...

Aerosmith, Metallica, Train, and U2 were just a few bands who paid homage to Cornell on stage over the weekend, dedicating performances to the late rocker and delivering heartbreaking covers of his own hits, like Soundgarden's .

Whatever the case, Momsen seems to be enjoying herself in The Pretty Reckless' new music video for "Going to Hell," the band's first clip in two years.

It is basically just a jumble of disturbing images, some of them quasi-religious (duh, she's going to hell...

You're 21 and a lot of girls your age are into pop. Do you think rock is going to make a comeback on mainstream radio anytime soon?

] I think it comes down to, you know -- I say rock & roll all the time, 'cause it is.

And you have no idea how the response is going to be, and then you go play it live, and you see how many people have actually not just heard the songs but connected to them and are responding to them and understand them on multiple levels. Well, I didn't actually have to buy a lot of CDs as a kid because I grew up on my dad's vinyl collection. He's a big rock & roll fan and I grew up on the Beatles. We just played with Soundgarden, and it was my favorite gig ever because I fucking love Soundgarden.

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