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The party continued north as far as San Francisco Bay before turning back.On the return journey, they camped near one of Monterey's lagoons on November 27, still not convinced they had found the place Vizcaino had described.The original church was destroyed by fire in 1789 and replaced by the present sandstone structure. In 1840, the chapel was rededicated to the patronage of Saint Charles Borromeo.

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Serra's missionary aims soon came into conflict with Fages and the soldiers, and he moved the mission to Carmel the following year to gain greater independence from Fages.Today it houses a small museum, while adjacent buildings serve as the seat of local government, and the Monterey post office (opened in 1849).Monterey had long been famous for the abundant fishery in Monterey Bay.The city and surrounding area have attracted artists since the late 19th century and many celebrated painters and writers have lived there. Among Monterey's notable present-day attractions are the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Cannery Row, Fisherman's Wharf and the annual Monterey Jazz Festival.They subsisted by hunting, fishing and gathering food on and around the biologically rich Monterey Peninsula.Portolá erected the Presidio of Monterey to defend the port and, on June 3, 1770, Serra founded the Cathedral of San Carlos Borromeo inside the presidio enclosure.

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