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A public uniform burning session took place, resulting in an interesting circumstance – there are now precious few pictures of the uniforms still existing today, let alone actual jerseys and socks.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1963With the yellow & brown uniforms now a bitter memory, Coach Faulkner went out, and purchased orange uniforms which eventually lead to ‘orange mania’.The name Broncos’ was adopted after a baseball team that had once played in Denver (Denver’s 1921 Midwest Baseball League team was apparently also called the Broncos).The Broncos’, outfitted in what most consider to be the ugliest uniforms of all time (especially with the vertically-striped socks shown in this painting) ventured forth into its first season of professional football.

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At the last minute, Gerald and Allan Phipps, who had been left out of the voting block, bought the team.

After posting a respectable 7-7 season record in 1962, the Broncos’ took a step backwards in 1963 recording the first of two consecutive 2-11-1 seasons.

Of note, both 1963 wins came at home in Mile High Stadium.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1968By 1968, the infamous capital ‘D’ and fierce-looking bronco have become the official Broncos’ logo.

Notably, the helmet color was switched from orange to blue with an orange stripe down the center.

Thus the stage was set for the Super Bowl IV, the last meeting between the AFL and NFL Champions, and once again the AFL triumphed, evening the series at two wins apiece, as the AFL’s Kansas City Chiefs whacked the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings 23-7.

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