Mysql not updating before next form

j Query provides a special AJAX shorthand method to do just that, , which is a small personal Web site designed to be used as a catalog of all the DVD and Blu-ray Discs that you own.From time to time, you'll want to know just how many DVD and Blu-ray Discs you have, but it isn't really necessary to load the script that performs the counts and displays the result every time you use the site.Then we create a while loop, insert a basic html form inside and use PHP echo statements in the value field to display existing data.We also make use of a new function The form shown above accepts the changes and calls the processing form birthdays_change_The user makes changes to the desired field or fields and clicks the Submit button to pass the information to the processing script.

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Some content updates may be based on the user information for the current user, other updates may be based on requests performed by any user, such as information based on a search performed by the Web-site visitor.

The process of updating or editing a record or row of a table makes use of the trusty mysql_query() function.

In the syntax shown below we see that the UPDATE procedure requires the SET and WHERE definitions to pinpoint the changes.

Learn to build your database right on your PC and Export it to your website.

The ideal query form used for editing records, should display the existing data and allow the user to pick a line number for editing purposes.

You'll develop stand-alone examples to demonstrate some of the other features and events available in j Query's AJAX library.

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