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George, on the other hand, apparently had a really great time and wanted to see her again. Janine, being a British citizen (despite being born in Egypt) was forced to leave the country with her family. By this time, George had moved from Alexandria to Lebanon, working for the UN in Libya sometimes in an effort to get himself in a position where he could get to Canada.

And in order to assure Google will rank me high in search result I will make sure to repeat the search term again… Oh by the way, none of these girls is Lebanese, they’re actually all from Europe and working for modelling agencies here in Lebanon.

"Help" has turned out to be highly controversial, not least because the lead actress, Joanna Andraos, the daughter of a Lebanese MP, appears fully naked.

The film is about same-sex relationships and prostitution, both of which exist in Lebanon and should therefore be discussed.

She ended up in England in a refugee camp, and then finally flew into Montreal, Canada, with a suitcase and 100 pounds sterling to her name. I was a little fuzzy on the details here, but during this time, my grandparents somehow kept in touch by letter. His mother even arranged a marriage for him to this other well-to-do Lebanese girl.

It was a couple days before their engagement party when my grandpa got a letter from my grandma, basically letting him down easy.

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