Normal dot not updating

Only the styles (plus custom toolbar and macros) are merged into your document.

You can also follow these steps to un-attach a template.

” The question following that will be: “Who on this planet actually enjoys using this style?

” My speculations and further comments on the matter cannot be written in a public venue. This is the “blank” document on which all new MS Word documents are based.

I have Microsoft Word 2010 32-bit running on Windows 7 64-bit.

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All newly created documents put space after a carriage return.(By default, space after is set to 6 pt.) Close the paragraph dialog, and in the modify style dialog select New documents based on this template.Close that, and either save the document or exit Word (needed to save the changes to the template).How can I change the default formatting options within Word for all newly created blank documents?I created a new custom style, and then performed each of the three methods above to make it the default for new documents.If you work at a larger office or corporation, chances are your IT staff have already rectified this ghastly situation for you.

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