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Because this access is always a read, the first I²C octet will always be A1h.E-DDC (Enhanced Display Data Channel) is the most recent revision of the DDC standard.DDC version 2, introduced in 1996, split EDID into a separate standard and introduced the DDC2B protocol.DDC version 3, 1997, introduced the DDC2Bi protocol and support for VESA Plug and Display and Flat Panel Display Interface on separate device addresses.There are at least four versions of the VGA connector, which are the three-row 15 pin DE-15 (also called mini sub D15) in original and DDC2 pinouts, a less featureful and far less common 9-pin VGA, and a Mini-VGA used for laptops.

It included the EDID 1.0 format and specified DDC1, DDC2B and DDC2Ab physical links.For this reason, it is not surprising to see a lot of support for handling datasets within the Web Snap framework.Specifically, you can use the Data Set Adapter component to connect to a dataset and display its values in a form or a table using the Adapter Page Producer component's visual editor.New VGA plug-and-play monitors communicate with the computer according to VESA DDC standard.task sequence step type allow the configuration of network settings for each network adapter in the target computer.The data module has a Client Data Set that's wired to a db Express dataset through a provider and based on an Inter Base connection, as shown here: object Client Data Set1: TClient Data Set Active = True Provider Name = 'Data Set Provider1' end object SQLConnection1: TSQLConnection Connected = True Connection Name = 'IBLocal' Login Prompt = False end object SQLData Set1: TSQLData Set SQLConnection = SQLConnection1 Command Text = 'select CUST_NO, CUSTOMER, ADDRESS_LINE1, CITY, STATE_PROVINCE, ' ' COUNTRY from CUSTOMER' end object Data Set Provider1: TData Set Provider Data Set = SQLData Set1 end Now that you have a dataset available, you can add a Data Set Adapter to the first page and connect it to the web module's Client Data Set.

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