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Spring starts in mid March in most of Romania's regions, April in the mountains and in the north part of the country.

Annual rainfall is 600 mm to 700 mm, much of it in spring.

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New missing scene from 4x03: Sherlock is searching his mind for memories of Eurus, getting dangerously creative in trying to find them - or any clues at all. Hurt/comfort, bad memories, a lot of pain in every manifestation possible - and caring John of course. Eurus is out and coming after Molly which means Sherlock has to protect her.The Musketeers have to deal with King Louis' trade summit, Captain Tréville is in a bad mood and something is amiss with Athos. Sherlock has been away on a case for months, leaving Molly wondering where they stand. After Eurus's emotional vivisection, Sherlock returns to Baker Street and tries to put the shattered pieces of his life back together. Rated M because, you never know, there might be smut in their future!The Inséperables will be caught in a storm of violence and emotions as tragedy strikes. It's an Athos centric ff written by two authors, further notes see in ch1. As the holiday's approach, Sherlock arrives at Baker Street to discover that Molly has gotten herself mixed up in something dangerous. Sherlock is back in London and in John's life, but the aftermath of his time away hits them harder than expected, especially when a new case confronts the detective with crime scenes that remind him of torture and loss. Takes place immediately after the Final Problem but before that happy little montage. Second place winner in the SAMFA 2017 awards for best M/E Adventure.Although everyone tries to help Sherlock has trouble to accept any of it. A disgraced Treville has been stripped of his Captaincy and when Musketeers start dying, the first fear is that they are linked but then it appears that an unidentified person (or persons) seeks retribution for something in the past.H/C, Flashbacks, PTSD, aftermath of torture, Asperger's Sherlock, panic attacks, whump. As the Inseparables investigate, their search takes them back to the regiment's involvement years earlier at the siege of La Rochelle and beyond.This is because 3CX support staff are familiar with the device and can help you configure the gateway.

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