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So what has emerged from those experiences is a 33 year old who has never known what it’s like to experience sex within a long-term relationship.

I manage to get some here and sometimes get some there but mostly there tends to be a reeeeeaaaally long time in between hits.

IMO it’s a crappy thing when people find a partner just because they can’t handle their own thoughts.

Why should someone else like you if you don’t really like yourself?

For this get together we made peach caprese skewers, mini fish tacos, sweet pickled strawberries and shortcake (SO good!

That goal of settling down, buying a house and starting a family isn't as easy to achieve as it once was, and people's life focus changes accordingly.

One guy i know dedicates his instagram page to his cat...

At night I have dreams about cum, during the day I constantly fantasize about cum, and I'm always thinking about ways to get even.....

For some reason I've been getting a lot of requests for shower pics lately.

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