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Outlook's Auto Archive feature automatically archives data at specified intervals.If meetings aren't displaying on your calendar, they may have inadvertently been archived.Outlook 2011 users must be granted "Reviewer" access to another person's calendar to be able open that calendar and view details.If a user sets permission levels only to allow free/busy or free/busy limited details, an Outlook 2011 user will not be able to see any details of the shared calendar.the owner of the calendar doesn't want me to see the notes on the meeting), I can't see any appointments at all. When I use Outlook 2013 on Windows with the same account, I can see the calendar entries for that use just fine.Does anyone have a pointer on how to make Outlook 2016 respect the privacy settings of the shared calendar but still display the appointments as it should?To change how often Auto Archive occurs, update the value in the Days field.

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Once you've verified that your Internet connection is functioning properly, check that your account settings are properly configured.var microsoft = microsoft

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