Pdx dating


You might not be able to secure a ticket to a spot like Langbaan, which will be booked out for months, but dinners at places like Han Oak, Mae, or Verdigris make for a fun, if overly-indulgent, date night. Especially when you’re making your own inventions on a hot griddle with a Bloody Mary at your side.You can choose from five batters, a laundry list of fixins, and toppings like goat cheese, caramel spread, and syrup of course.Portland can be a rough city to date in, especially in winter.Just ask any of your friends older than 25 who are still single.Go drinking and get a healthy dose of science with OMSI After Dark, a 21 event that offers fun specials like a bourbon and bacon night.The museum's exhibits will also be available to explore and play around with… Fun fact: The Spanish Coffee is not, in fact, from Spain, but rather from this vintage Portland restaurant.Every other Sunday, Shift Drinks whips up a special dinner -- it might be lasagna, beef bourguignon, or pozole, but in any case it’s always 100% free.

That way you won’t be spending the better part of last night’s tips on keeping Wolverine alive in that damn Flip through some books together in the Rare Book Room at Powell’s Books, or just wander the stacks together.Instead, head to one of our many urban wineries like Southeast Wine Collective, Teutonic Winery, or Enso Winery to sample the bounty of Oregon’s wines while still being able to get a Lyft home for less than 0.Winter on the Northwest coast is harsh, windy, and cold, but that just means that far fewer tourists will be swarming the beaches.Then, head across the street to Sizzle Pie for a slice and a drink.Just don’t do it in reverse order -- the staff at Powell’s frowns on getting grease stains all over the rare books.Get in the mood by splitting a dozen briny treat at La Moule, Jacqueline, Ringside Fish House (on Mondays), or Trifecta Tavern. ) and take your lucky date for some sausages and fountain drinks. After, make a short jaunt to Marine Drive and watch the planes take off from PDX.

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