Pitfalls of dating an older man


The opinion of others should have no bearing on who you choose to love -- your happiness should precede public opinion.If your mate is near retirement and has already reared children, he may not be interested in starting a family.Around about the same time cougardom exploded into the mainstream, social scientists became increasingly immersed in researching age-dissimilar couples where the woman is the older party.

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Use this time to learn something interesting about your mate's past experiences.

This is something that you should seriously consider if you want a family of your own.

Should you have a long-term, committed relationship with your older partner, the reality is that you may outlive him if there's a significant age difference, say Two Of Us professionals.

For our in-depth analysis of the cougar phenomenon, read on...

As one of the leading dating sites for mature singles, there's no shortage of older women dating younger men on Elite Singles.“Prejudices have a tendency to stick, even if society is changing,” she says, “calling an older woman a cougar isn’t meaningless, it’s a way of defining her as a predator who’s only interested in hunting down younger prey.” For an enlightening comparison it’s worth looking at an equivalent expression for older men who hook up with younger women.

May-September relationships (where the man is significantly older than the woman, usually by at least a generation) have their special challenges.

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