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The Pathfinder API Companion will create token abilities for you to avoid this issue. Switch to Expanded mode to expose all editable fields as per the sheet's Settings.

A: Go to the Core Page, Class, Race, and Experience section, check Add Race/Monster HD, you may see monster hit points filled in. Drag and drop a monster's name from the compendium bestiary from the sidebar.

Both the regional Ag Weather Net WSN and the on-farm Ag Frost Net networks were successfully implemented in Washington State.

Problems encountered were mainly associated with power management under periods of low solar energy and with electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage to gallium-arsenide (Ga As) based transmit–receive switches in the radios during storms, a problem now corrected.

Delete them, then uncheck Add Race/Monster HD (Note: any values found in the Race/Monster HD section will affect HP calculations even if the section is unchecked(hidden).) This should be fixed in version 1.18 and later. After the statblock has been input, you can review values and make adjustments if needed(normally only necessary if you experience any issues after attempting an import). Once you are satisfied with the values, use the "Parse" button to migrate the statblock to the Pathfinder sheet.

If there are still mystery hit points, switch to Expanded mode, expand all rows on the class grid, check your 'Drain' setting, and (if mythic is enabled) check mythic hit points. (note: the parsing process can take some time depending on the complexity of the statblock.

Chat menu buttons are included to handle all the most import rolls needed from chat without having to scour the sheet to locate a roll.

A: Drag and drop will not work if you are using Popped out character sheets. You can access the "Monster statblock input section" by checking â›­ Settings|Sheet Configuration|Pages|Is NPC or monster. If you attempt to drag/drop from the compendium over the top of a previous import, duplication of values will result and cause issues. Medium or heavier armor carries penalties besides Max Dex.

ONLY PARSE ONCE.) A: Check other conditions, some penalize or limit dexterity to AC. Another place to check is carried currency, this adds to weight carried.

Thank you Sam for all your time and effort spent on creating this sheet.

The sheet auto-calculates many attributes utilizing sheet worker javascript for, Ability scores, Buffs, Conditions, Skills, HP max, Saves, Attack/Damage modifiers, etc., and is actively supported by Roll20 volunteers.

The objective was to create regional and on-farm sensor networks that provide remote, real-time monitoring and/or control of important farming operations that add value through improved efficiency and efficacy of targeted management practices.

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