Purolator tracking not updating


To see a list of our suite of services and their delivery timeframes, visit our Shipping Services page.When tracking your shipment, the Tracking Details page will indicate the estimate date of delivery. Air mail is fast but generally far too expensive and foreigners will simply think you're cheating them. What does the above website say when you enter the tracking number? track_home But we need more information on your package. You might want to reconsider selling outside of North America because of the transit time.You can track a parcel(s) by either barcode or reference numbers along with either your shipper number or destination postal code.You also have the option to obtain the delivery signature while tracking your package.If you experience difficulty when tracking your package, please contact our Customer Service Department at [email protected] select your preferred method of tracking below.or Fill up online tracking form to go to Purolator tracking page.

i have recently been selling stuff on ebay and while most people seem to have received their items, one person claims to have not received it (they live in england if it matters) and they opened a dispute on ebay. When foreign buyers would contact me over "where is it?the problem is that all the tracking numbers do not update for me, they all say: "Order information received by Canada Post" regardless of whether the packages have been delivered or not, and they don't update even after weeks have passed. " I would spend a lot of time referring them back to my originally quoted delivery time for the UK of 6-8 weeks and pointing out that there was still time yet and asking them to be patient.i know that people have received their items since they leave me positive feedback so i am sure the items are being delivered. The goods always did arrive and in the meantime because of the effort I put in explaining things no one ever filed any disputes against me. the above website says "The reference number does not use the correct format.Communicate to the buyers up front what they're looking at and you'll head off a lot of the problems down the road.. I'm not sure what you mean by "international letter post" unless you're referring to Small Packet, but there are no tracking numbers issued for Small Packet unless that's changed recently.

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