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We hope to hear from you again "Boys World." Grover graduated from White Hall High School in 1913 as class valedictorian and then went on to attend the Brown Business School at Jacksonville, Illinois He was there the valedictorian of the class of 1915. The Henry Shirley family were close neighbors and friends. Shirley watched Grover grow up and became a close friend, an influence, had similar occupation ambitions, and quite likely to a great degree a mentor to Grover. Shirley served as witnesses and standing up for Grover at Grover.s marriage to Jettie B. Each shown holding a sample of State Map marked vessels with much pride.In 1915 Grover was immediately employed at White Hall Sewer Pipe and Stoneware Company at the Business Office and worked as bookkeeper under the supervision of Administrative Manager Henry Shirley. These connect to Grover's life to the Shirley Family and to the White Hall Sewer Pipe and Stoneware Company, White Hall, Greene County, Illinois.We looked around there awhile, and then took the elevator to the top story, and skipped the third one.In the fourth story we found the place where little jugs and jars were made.Perhaps, you have heard of the White Hall Sewer Pipe and Stoneware factory. Here we saw two very large engines and many smaller ones. Some of these were run by steam, and these run others, and made electricity to run still other engines.From here we went to the place where the clay is mixed and ground.The clay is hauled from a clay bank East of here by an electric train.

Another man was to put the clay in the molds and put them together. Then we went in to the place where the jugs and jars were slipped or polished. Then we went down a short flight of stairs into the third story. While some of these tiles were being made, others were being trimmed.

It is the largest one in the world of this kind," as written by young Grover Thompson.

REPLY FROM "Boys World" EDITOR - We know you enjoyed going through the factory and seeing the things made, and know too that the other boys will enjoy your description of it. Pictured right to left, Grover Thompson's grandson, Edward, great granddaughter, Carrie, and Edward's wife, Carolyn; Grover's grandson, Daniel and Daniel's wife, Jean.

Here also they were making tile and sewer pipe, …Grover Thompson.s "Boy.s World " essay.

"Perhaps, you have heard of the White Hall Sewer Pipe and Stoneware factory," .

Interviews and hand written notarized statements of Daniel R. Thompson of Jacksonville, Illinois, Judy Lee Harper of O.fallon, Missouri, Laura L. Staples of Winchester, Illinois, are on record and provide clear representations of Grover Lee Thompson's life and achievements.

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