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A director may hold any office or place of profit with the Company (other than the office of auditor of the Company) in addition to his or her office of director for the period and on the terms (as to remuneration or otherwise) that the directors may determine.No director or intended director is disqualified by his or her office from contracting with the Company either with regard to the holding of any office or place of profit the director holds with the Company or as vendor, purchaser or otherwise., a director or officer of the Company, or any corporation or firm in which that individual has an interest, may act in a professional capacity for the Company, except as auditor of the Company, and the director or officer or such corporation or firm is entitled to remuneration for professional services as if that individual were not a director or officer.The chair of a meeting of shareholders must declare to the meeting the decision on every question in accordance with the result of the show of hands or the poll, as the case may be, and that decision must be entered in the minutes of the meeting.

Subject to Articles 11.6 and 11.7, if a meeting of the board is called under Article 11.4, reasonable notice of that meeting, specifying the place, date and time of that meeting, must be given to each of the directors Any director may file with the Company a document signed by the director waiving notice of any past, present or future meeting of the directors and may at any time withdraw that waiver with respect to meetings of the directors held after that withdrawal.

a directors' committee may elect a chair of its meetings but, if no chair of the meeting is elected, or if at any meeting the chair of the meeting is not present within 15 minutes after the time set for holding the meeting, the directors present who are members of the committee may choose one of their number to chair the meeting, questions arising at any meeting of a directors' committee are determined by a majority of votes of the members present, and in case of an equality of votes, the chair of the meeting has no second or casting vote.

All appointments of officers are to be made on the terms and conditions and at the remuneration (whether by way of salary, fee, commission, participation in profits or otherwise) that the board thinks fit and are subject to termination at the pleasure of the board.

If a dividend to which a shareholder is entitled includes a fraction of the smallest monetary unit of the currency of the dividend, that fraction may be disregarded in making payment of the dividend and that payment represents full payment of the dividend. The person by whom, or on whose behalf, a solicitation is made must, at the request of a registrant, promptly provide to the registrant, at the expense of that person, the necessary number of copies of the records referred to in Article S2.1 (a).

For the purpose of certifying under seal a true copy of any resolution or other document, the seal must be impressed on that copy and, despite Article 18.1, may be attested by the signature of any director or officer. 62;"deliver", with reference to a notice or other document, includes mail to or leave with a person, or deposit in a person's mail box or receptacle at the person's residence or place of business;"form of proxy" means a record that, on completion and signing by or on behalf of a shareholder, becomes a proxy;"information circular" means an information circular in Form 22 of the , R. A shareholder entitled to vote at a meeting of shareholders, including a shareholder that is a corporation, may, by proxy, appoint a proxy holder, who need not be a shareholder, as the shareholder's nominee to attend and act at the meeting in the manner, to the extent and with the power conferred by the proxy., 1996, the management of the Company must, concurrently with or before sending notice of a meeting of shareholders, send to each of the shareholders entitled to vote at the meeting a form of proxy that complies with Article S4.4 for use at that meeting.

In the case of any dispute as to the admission or rejection of a vote given on a poll, the chair of the meeting must determine the same, and his or her determination made in good faith is final and conclusive.

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