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Orlando will be amazed by the room, and ask to find an appropriate artefact to take back to the museum.

There are five artefacts in the room: a shattered blade (used by Guthix to slay Skargaroth), an inactive obelisk (speculated to be an ancient Summoning obelisk), stone carvings (suspected to depict Fiara, Juna, and the extinct race of Naragi), clouded vials (likely used for early forms of Herblore), and a dusty parchment.

Kree'arra is significantly easier here than in the God Wars Dungeon, but there is a complication — tornadoes move around in the room, and if they are on the same square as you, you will take damage equal to 20% of your maximum life points every game tick.

Avoid them at all costs, especially the blue tornadoes, while continuing to fight Kree'arra.

If you die during a battle, your gravestone will be placed outside the temple. It is recommended that you start the quest with ranged or magic combat gear because it makes the first fight, which starts shortly after beginning the quest, much easier. Orlando has stumbled across some ruins to the west of the Legends' Guild that he believes could save his struggling career at the Varrock museum.

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It is recommended to complete all of the quests required for the optional rewards before starting the quest, because they will help you fully understand the characters and plot; whilst it can be started and completed without any of the "prerequisites", it takes place chronologically after these quests.

Kree'arra tells you to leave, saying that killing for no reason is not the way of Armadyl, but since he has allied with those wanting to kill Guthix, whom you wish to reach, you refuse and fight him.

If you die here, your grave will appear at the entrance to the excavation site.

However the stone circles are no longer all in Guthixian hands.

Zemouregal receives news that the stone circle at Varrock is active and asks his wizards to trace the source of the signal at once.

After decades of research, a Varrock Museum archaeologist has discovered Guthix’s original dwelling, dating back to the First Age when Guthix was the only god on Gielinor.

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