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You can count on a 5- or 10K almost any weekend, or just log miles on the 18-mile Charles River path.

Boston is also surprisingly easy to escape for a major city: the Berkshires, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Green Mountains of Vermont, and the beaches of the Cape and North Shore are all within three hours.Families ready for bigger water adventures can make the four-hour drive north to the 1.1-million-acre Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, one of the largest wilderness areas east of the Rockies.Best For: Urban recreation Largely thanks to Lance Armstrong, Austin has developed a reputation as a cyclist’s town—a label that’s endured even after the seven-time Tour de France champion’s fall from grace. Our first assumption: kids like being around other kids.Then we considered health, removing any metropolitan areas that were above the national rate for adult obesity. So we looked for cities where a high percentage of the population is under age 18.The loop trails bordering 416-acre Lady Bird Lake are ground zero for Austin’s vibrant road-running community, while the lake itself has become a hot spot for stand-up paddleboarding.

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