Sammi cheng and andy hui dating


She went through a difficult patch, but now, she is back," said Lau, possibly referring to Cheng's battle with depression in 2010 and her relationship woes with on and off boyfriend Andy Hui."Eight years ago, I would have described Sammi as a very good colleague, but now, she is like family to me.The relationship has changed, the dynamic is different and difficult to describe, we're now in a different generation and time," mused Lau thoughtfully.The reason for their "long-term separation", according to Lau, is a lot less interesting."Since the last time we acted together, we were hoping and looking out for a script that stood out for us, but until now (Blind Detective), nothing came along, so we just waited," he said."To is my first priority, I have full confidence in him," said the slim and noticeably radiant Cheng, 40." data-reactid="33"After nine years apart, was their reunion emotional or difficult, and was the connection still the same for them?"On a physical level, there is no big difference in Sammi.The on and off couple who have been embroiled in their 22 years of relationship drama, had finally reunited for good in 2012 and had moved in together. When their duet "其實你心裏有沒有我" ("Do you really have me in your heart?When asked if she would feel upset if the movie only received a rating of 2 out of 5 stars, Cheng was frank."Movies are subjective..

However, the positive energy was very high on set, we all really put everything we had into this movie," she said.

For Lau, the biggest challenge came in learning to credibly portray a blind detective.

For his role, he spent three months with the blind, learning how they felt and trying to imitate the emotions behind their actions."They taught me a very sincere and enlightening lesson.

Pressed to reveal how she would rate the movie, Cheng said she believed it was worthy of 4.5 stars.

Machoman Lau on the other hand, said (with a straight face) that he was "very used to getting 2 stars"."Most of my movies are two stars, so whether it's one or two stars, no problem," said Lau with an uncharacteristically cheeky grin."I just want honest real feedback, something I will take to heart. I don't need 5 stars, 4.5 stars are good enough," said Lau with a laugh.

Actually, this song is originally a Japanese song called "Sekaiju No Dare Yori Kitto" ("Certainly More Than Everybody In The World") sung by Miho Nakayama, which is a more upbeat song.

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