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The couple had been married for 55 years and were staying in a hilltop rental house in Santa Rosa on holiday with their children and grandchildren.As reported by CNN, their daughter Monica Ocon said: “Everybody loved her.Mr Ocon attempted to head back up the ridge to find his in-laws, but he was blocked by the fires.He met a firefighter, who took his number and promised to look for Mr and Ms Berriz.Prior to contact with Europeans, the California region contained the highest Native American population density north of what is now Mexico.Due to the local abundance of food, tribes never developed agriculture or tilled the soil.Her husband stayed with her for several more hours while the fires died down before making his way down the ridge.

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They controlled fire on a regional scale to create a low-intensity fire ecology; this prevented larger, catastrophic fires and sustained a low-density "wild" agriculture in loose rotation.The couple stayed in the pool for hours while Armando held onto the edge of the pool, burning his hand and Carmen held onto her husband.Throughout the night they made their way from one side of the pool to the other to escape the heat.Each time they came up for air, they would pray together to comfort each other.At around 7am the smoke and heat became too much and Ms Berriz died.At 1am Mr Ocon said he turned out the lights and noticed the red glow of embers outside, walked outside to take a closer look and watched as the front yard burst into flames. ”It just lit up.“ ”It's hard to explain unless you were there.

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