Scott foster dating stewart dating and living with rob


So you’re gonna see them get into that, and figure out how to work that out.” Spencer Grammer agreed that it won’t be plain sailing for our favorite couple.

“They’re trying to figure out if it really works outside of college or just in college,” she said.

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“I don’t think it would’ve been as big of a deal if his brothers didn’t get expelled, but I think that set it over the edge and that was it, there’s no going back from this point. ” he laughed when he stopped by for a chat after completing a brief but intense scene with Casey and Rusty (Jacob Zachar).

It was one amazing event and I know it was a huge success.

My family and I all went out to Possum Kingdom Lake that next day to eat at a restaurant that we love called Wild Catter Ranch in west Texas.

” she laughed, but still managed to answer every question with grace.

Foster was full of praise for his on-screen parents, played by ‘Caroline in the City’ star Lea Thompson and Jim Abele, who descend on CRU to help Casey and Cappie with their relationship troubles — via a camping trip!

April 8, 2010 at pm (Uncategorized) Hey Scott Michael Foster fans! So, now that I’ve got that off my back, lets get down to business.

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