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Ted refuses to do so, but takes advantage of the help she tries to offer him to make things better when Barney calls him from a police station in New Jersey to come and get him. In , Tony makes a movie based off of the triangle between he, Ted, and Stella.

Stella drives him back and forth, and the two have a short conversation in her car, where she assures Ted that the "one" for him is on the way, and that she's getting to him "as fast as she can". It shows Ted in a bad light, showing that Tony is apparently not very kind towards Ted, although he did seem to like him in earlier episodes.

Stella started dating Tony Grafanello in High School, and has been in love since.

The next day, Ted shows no signs of anger with regards to Stella and the group go to have dinner at a restaurant.Lily recounts Stella advising the place to her, and the gang are shocked to see Stella at the restaurant ordering a take-away.To avoid confrontation, they take shelter under their dining table until she leaves.The Season 4 premiere opens with her accepting his proposal.Soon after the proposal, however, Marshall helps Ted realize how little he knows his wife-to-be, and he has her watching a Star Wars movie with him.Apparently surprised by Ted's harsh criticism of Stella, Tony breaks up with her.

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