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thinking “I hope that was just a pothole.” Then I heard a guy outside my window say, “Oh shit” Opened the window, looked to my left, saw huge smoke coming out of the WTC Left at around , decided to walk uptown thinking that the buildings would never collapse and that… …waiting for them to fall that day When I got to midtown, rumors were that Camp David and the Sears Tower had also been destroyed. …and thinking that we had to get out of Manhattan, as this might be some pretext to get us into the street and hit us with some germ I callled my dad — and somehow miraculously got through — and told him I was alive, then headed for the 59th street bridge To this day, the scariest memory is being on that bridge, looking at the Towers smoking in the distance, and thinking maybe the plotters had wired the bridge too to explode beneath us while we were crossing it. …for whatever reason, I had closed the windows before I left to walk uptown that day, so dust was minimal. …and then it was only to get in, take whatever belongings were salvageable (i.e. …I’m lucky I decided to move My only other significant memory is being in the lobby of the apartment building on 9/11… …I initially thought the smoke coming out of the North Tower was due to a fire or something, but…

I remember talking to some guy on the bridge that we’d get revenge, but… …I had to feel my way to the hall and make my way up to my apartment on the third floor by feeling my way there… …and trying to console some woman who lived there who said her father worked on the lower floors of the WTC. …he made it out alive, but she was hysterical as of that a.m. …it’s hard to explain the shock of realizing you’re living through a historical event while you’re living through it.

…the sky would light up and a mushroom cloud would appear instantly above my head in my lost moment of consciousness.

The Tek-365 is a Fan-Less all-in-one POS Terminal that is uniquely designed for the harsh environment of Restaurant POS.

…coming up out of the subway tunnel having the distinct fear that… To see the comments on the original post, look here.…the explosions as the bodies land in the plaza, but seeing it and hearing it are two different things I remember after I got over the bridge into Queens, I heard a noise overheard… …their son and his GF contacted her father very shortly before the collapse. So for many people, the choice probably quickly became: Hang on, endure the smoke, or jump If you listen to the 911 calls, which I advise you not to do, some of them chose “hang on” Although needless to say, if you ever saw the Towers……you know how dire things must have been up there to make anyone think the better solution was “jump” They were ENORMOUS.The Fan-Less design combined with a Solid State Drive means the Tek-365 has no moving parts and therefore will be much more durable than traditional POS terminals.TV’s Andy Levy, one of the most out libertarians on Fox News, was gay bashed, as a “closeted gay libertarian,” last week, by conservative blogger Pat Dollard, who called Levy “a 50 year old confirmed bachelor with cats,” because Levy thinks part of the Department of Justice report on Ferguson is correct in identifying racism in local police forces and their behavior as revenue generating tax authorities fining people for all the loot they can get.And afterwards I remember taking him up to the rooftop of my building to admire the Towers. “The Others” opened on August 10, 2001, so this must have been within 10 days or so afterwards. And I remember we also went to Morton’s and Borders right inside the WTC complex to celebrate my new job That Borders was gutted, needless to say, on 9/11.

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