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Devin Patrick Kelley, born Feb 12 1991 in Hays Texas, parents Michael Shawn Kelley, Rebecca Anne, Danielle Lee Shields, wife, wives, tessa k loge, marriage, divorce, texas, first baptist church, sutherland springs, murder, automatic weapon BREAKING STORY. Devin Patrick Kelley was born February 12, 1991 in Hays, Texas. It's listed as Dilloware LP manufacturer in Comal, Texas. I had developed a true fascination with computers when taking the Introduction to Computers class required of all business majors in college in the late 70's.

His parents are Michael Shawn Kelley, 61, February 8, 1956, Texas, and Rebecca Anne Ivey, 59, June 25, 1958, Texas. Devin sent threatening texts to his mother in law Michelle Shields. This is his address as of 09/01/2017 traffic ticket. (830) 899-2100 It's a company that makes business software, was incorporated in 1990 in Texas. In fact, that was the last year computer classes actually used punch cards (if you know what those are, you just dated yourself).

He shot and killed 27 people in the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas today with an automatic weapon. He was found guilty or pled no lo contender (no contest) and paid fines for all these traffic tickets. Because of my accounting and business background, Burroughs put me in the small business division covering parts of south central Texas. On the personal side, I had convinced my wife to let me buy a ,000 Atari 800 home computer, which was a lot of money back in 1981 for a young couple.

"About Us In The Beginning: It was 1979 and I was just out of college with an Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Texas A&M University, working for my parent's flower shops and doing accounting work for a small bookkeeping firm.

After a couple years at Burroughs, I was hired as the Accounting Manager for a new Prudential HMO startup called Pru Care, in Austin, Texas. The first night SHE spent hours playing Pac Man, but I eventually was able to wrestle it back from her.

I learned all about this new thing called a 'spreadsheet'.

When Y2K came around, many of our competitors were no longer in business.

We spent the better part of 6 months back working 16 hours days bring on new customers who needed something to replace their soon to die programs from now non-existent software companies.

Along the way, we also added our second child in 1991.

As the IBM PC came to dominate, we dropped the other computer versions and concentrated on it.

Then came Microsoft Windows and the internet and a whole new rewrite of the program.

We had grown to a million a year operation in a few short years. My first software was an individual tax planning application for the Atari 800 and Commodore 64 computers.

While having a great time, I knew I wanted to have a business of my very own and was still fascinated with personal computers and all they could do for a business; so like other fledgling entrepreneurs, I kept working my day job to pay the bills and started building my company at night and on the weekends. My wife started designing a rudimentary invoicing program to provide professional looking invoices for our startup while still having her own full-time job/career.

It just so happened that the personal computer boom was starting to happen in the early '80s . However, I kept getting asked about the invoicing software we were using so I decided to transform the simple invoicing program into a full featured billing program we now know as, The Billing Clerk ™.

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