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Whether it is through cybersex, phone sex lines, social networks, videos, smartphones, porn magazines, or simply through fantasy, sex addicts can lose hours daily to the isolating activities of fantasy and masturbation.

Loss of control, continuation despite negative life consequences, and preoccupation or obsession with the activity are the defining characteristics of any addiction.

While you could still try to prevent it from upgrading, there's no guarantee that the old MSE version would still receive updates as usual.

Considering the notification is generated by the user interface executable, you can override it with an earlier version while keeping the up-to-date engine.

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If possible, test the program in a safe environment first.

At this stage, the OS is near the end of its support lifecycle.

For example, for Windows XP, the Grace Period stage starts on April 8, 2014.

On Windows XP, the status displayed permanently became Amber/Yellow indicating "Potentially Unprotected." After the 8th of April, the date support for Windows XP ended, the status became Red indicating "At Risk." This is by design due to the fact that Windows XP end of support is 8 April, 2014.

As Microsoft no longer provides MSE for download on Windows XP, you need to rely on third parties who can provide the old setup package.

Research suggests that those addicted to online sex or those with online pornography addiction spend at least 11 or 12 hours a week on the Internet, but often it’s double or triple that amount of time.

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