Sexual chat without registration

It bears an R rating — a rarity for any superhero film, much less an animated one — and contains scenes that will shock longtime fans and critics alike.

Most notably, the first 28 minutes have nothing to do with the original comic.

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Over a quarter (28%) of perpetrators identified to the Office of the Children’s Commissioner’s Inquiry into Sexual Exploitation in Gangs and Groups were under 19 years of age.

Things are awkward between them for a bit, and then the original story kicks in — albeit with some tweaks, one of them involving the Joker’s sex life.

A bit stunned, we spoke with executive producer and longtime DC animation mogul Bruce Timm about The Killing Joke’s ethics and surprises.

Young people are passed by perpetrators through networks, between towns and cities, where they may be forced or coerced into sexual activity with multiple people.

Young people are often used to recruit other young people to take part in so-called ‘sex parties’ where this can occur.

Young people may also be encouraged to recruit peers into the gang, exposing them to similar treatment of CSE and making it difficult to identify perpetrators who control the gang.

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