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Starring Rebekka Raynor Runtime : 6min 53s File Size : 99.4 MB Resolution : 1280x720 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Strict lady boss Nina calls the junior to her office to discuss his poor behaviour, the other ladies complaining about a sexist joke that he made.

Tags: femme zoophile, films de zoophilie, sex animal, sex horse, zoophilie cheval, zoophilie poney Cet article a été publié le Mercredi 27 août 2008 à et est classé dans femmes baisées par des chevaux.

Starring Lady Nina Birch Runtime : 6min 7s File Size : 128 MB Resolution : 1280x720 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Nina_Birch.mp4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This asshole slave deserves to be smothered, so firstly I plug his nose with a clothespin so that he can breathe only through his mouth.

She's even nice enough to pour milk into a container for him so he has a chocolate sock milkshake in the process.

Finally near the end she removes the pie caked socks and let's him slurp up the remaining pie from her bare soles and toes.

Little does he realize we have a lot more in store than just resting our georgeous feet. what's the use in human furniture if it isn't multifunctioning? Then we make him thank us for being so demanding and bitchy. This is great and all, but my feet are rested now and having our shoes licked completely clean just isn't enough for the two of us. I continually joke about his small penis and spit in his face. This slave just finished a long day of being BEATEN SENSELESS by me n Princess Beverly in our videos (look at the marks all over its ugly body! ) so we decide to take turns sitting up on the Mean Girl throne and allowing it the HONOR of licking the dirt and grime off our SHOES. Of course, we DO mock him the entire time and remind him of what an inferior loser cretin he is compared to us,'s not like we're telling him anything he doesn't know lol. And MORE importantly- send your DEPOSIT right away so we know you are SERIOUS about coming here and not just wasting our time with a fantasy!

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