Single fathers dating toronto


“It’s for the better.” Sure it’s hard, especially with young kids, to sort out who goes where and when but I know she will manage.

" I have found that you can meet amazing people anywhere and at any age. So many people listen to their friends or the monkey chatter in their own head telling them all the obstacles that stand in their way as a single woman over the age of 35. I don't listen to friends like this, because I find that many singles have attitudes that are just ridiculous.

We had a special connection and understanding unlike one that we had with even all our best but married friends.

We understood one another’s pain, fears, frustration and loneliness, and we shared a positive attitude and a desire to be happy and move forward, both for our own sake and our kids.

There are all kinds of support systems for single parents in Toronto.

You can see a therapist or counsellor, speak to friends, or your kid’s teachers.

They love to buy into the negative, instead of the positive.

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