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So R is a 2D side scrolling action game but add a “maze” feeling to most of the stages.There are a lot of doors / passages and you will have to find the right one to reach the end of the stage (or activate the switch which unlocks the door leading to the end of the stage).If you like skinny teen, you will enjoy her as the illustrator is doing a really good job with the illustrations of her body.Her expressions are also very good, giving her mad but cut expressions with depiction of ahegao during sexual intercourses.over all the game plays very well and is rather of the better games I've played from here.Spellbound girlfriend is about a young girl who uses a curse doll to paralyze her boyfriend and have sex with him.

The game is easy to understand and progress through even if you can't read Japanese (like me), battles are never too tough, grinding is never required and dying really doesn't matter as you can respawn in the area with your health restored.

The page layout is well done with good angles to enjoy the sexual intercourses.

In conclusion, if you like skinny flat chested teen and ahegao, this is a solid choice.

As a huge fan of Splatter School (SS) and Adventure of Anise (Ao A) from Ankoku Marimokan, I was expecting a lot from Sword of Ryonasis (So R).

The game gives me total satisfaction and enters in my top three from this circle.

Not only because of the sexual intercourses depicted but also (mainly if you understand Japanese) because of her temperament which give her an interesting bitter and sweet savor.

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