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Use more than 220 Virtual Dub filters for powerful and flexible video editing: deinterlacing, denoising, deblocking, color correction, stabilizing, sharpening, visual effects etc.

On multiprocessor systems, multicore or hyperthreading CPUs, Video Enhancer performs much faster than Virtual Dub because all filters, decoders and coders work in separate threads, simultaneously.

We also introduce you to our working dogs and show how FBI special agents and analysts investigate cases.

Help Special Agent Bobby Bureau get in disguise for his undercover assignment. You can visit the Fun and Games page at the FBI archives.

All Americans are asked to join the FBI in exposing the seductive nature of violent extremist propaganda and offering positive alternatives to violence.

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The FBI encourages community groups, families, and high schools across the United States to use this site as part of their educational efforts.It’s the FBI’s primary responsibility—working with its many partners—to protect the nation from attacks by violent extremists.One important way to do that is to keep young people—the future of our country—from embracing violent extremist ideologies in the first place. Built by the FBI in consultation with community leaders and other partners, it uses a series of interactive materials to educate teens on the destructive nature of violent extremism and to encourage them to think critically about its messages and goals.Sample videos used in comparison are available for download and sceptics are welcome to check our results.To ensure the above pictures are real, you can download the test video clip (2.9 MB), upsize it 4 times in Video Enhancer and see it for youtself.Considering the many dangers that lurk on the Internet—from child predators to cyber bullies, from malicious software to a multitude of scams—it’s imperative that our young people learn the ins and outs of online safety from an early age.

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