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So this robust and unpretentious sex film from that extraordinarily prolific director Michael Winterbottom is outside the euphemistic mainstream.I am relieved to report that the hardcore sex action is completely gratuitous - which, in real life, is the very best sort.Traditionally, objectors to this sort of thing airily claim that it is "boring". Others, conversely, might affect to see in the sex infinitesimally subtle narrative stages, and also an intentional commentary on the action in the lyrics of each of the nine songs by Franz Ferdinand, Primal Scream, the Dandy Warhols etc. But I thought it was absorbing precisely because of the absence of artfully positioned ironies and narrative touches: it's just about going out for a good time, and then staying in for an even better time. The sex is absolutely fantastic for Lisa and Matt and then, well, it's not so fantastic any more. As to whether or not it is pornographic, the stakes are not quite so high with that question these days: it is pornographic in the sense that the sex act is shown on screen, complete with money shot.This is the acceptable unshockable-sophisticate alternative to condemnation on moral grounds. Is that why all those male journalists in the audience were gulping and surreptitiously recrossing their legs? But it does not have the self-conscious porn sheen that arthouse directors like Lukas Moodysson and Tsai Ming-Liang are investigating: it doesn't have the porn tropes of transgression and exhibitionism.9 Songs will undoubtedly have a chorus of pundits ostentatiously stifling their yawns in print. The people are too ordinary and the sex is too straightforward.9 Songs is more like a very modest version of Richard Linklater's Before Sunrise with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, only instead of penetrating conversation there's penetrative sex.Linklater's bittersweet sequel to that film reunited the lovers and gave them more brainy and flirtatious banter, only deepened with maturity.It's certainly less pretentious and more cheerful than movies like, say, Patrice Chéreau's Intimacy, films which tend to surround the deed with worthy, maundering dialogue about love and sex, as if this additional material was being entered into exculpatory evidence for some putative Chatterley trial.9 Songs is shot on low-budget digital video and it's really about nothing more, and nothing less, than two pretty young people with nice bodies having sex.Vanilla sex with a condom, that is, enlivened with a little light bedpost shackling and headscarves pressed into service as blindfolds.

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Then there’s the bar, perfect for light meals and drinks.

Finally, the Salon de Thé is a wonderful spot to while away the afternoon over a fine tea.

The Castille offers a wide range of services designed to make your stay enjoyable and relaxing.

You will have at your disposal all the services of a 5-star hotel in Paris, including a 24/7 room service, a Wi-fi connection in the common areas, and a concierge of excellence.

At the Castille you’ll find a restaurant and bar that combine the style of Paris with Italian warmth and spirit.

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