Speed dating sucks

I now only recommend it as a type of lottery where you can occasionally get lucky with a woman, and even less occasionally with an attractive woman.However, it still beats trying to meet women in clubs or daytime venues, but only because those avenues are themselves so incredibly shitty to begin with providing even less chance of meeting someone.Information is entered by event organisers and may be subject to change, please see event page for latest information.

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Yes, you can get women from the personals but it is most likely with women who are below your league, looks wise and status wise.

These women will most certainly not be as good looking as you, which can lead you to criticize me for being shallow, but realize that it is the women who are choosing the better looking men en masse.

But this does not change the fact that online dating sucks and any alternative which would naturally allow you to consistently meet women without them screening you for perfection or them being overly guarded and suspicious of you is the alternative you must go for.

Finding that alternative is the key and to me that alternative can only come from meeting foreign women in whatever way possible (either overseas or local women who recently moved here).

These are my brutally honest and uncensored opinions.

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