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Spykee has a Wi Fi connectivity to let him access the Internet using both ad hoc and infrastructure modes.

Controlled by computer locally or over the internet, the owner can move the robot to various locations within range of the local router, take pictures and video, listen to surroundings with the on-board microphone and play sounds/music or various built-in recordings (Robot laugh, laser guns, etc.) through the speaker.

So, if you are a user who wishes to find a screen name for your virtual avatar, or you happen to be unsatisfied with your existing name and wish to change the screen name, take a look at the following screen name ideas.

How to Select a Screen Name You can come up with creative screen names in many different ways.

You could think of your birth date, place of birth, favorite flower, favorite animal, etc.

A very friendly 'chappie' who works long hours with his long suffering beautiful wife - they are good fun and make everyone welcome, even us oldies!

If this is the case then please do check back later, as the view is superb.

...between a Screen name and a Username is that a username is always used only for login purposes and is hidden from others whereas, a screen name is a display name through which others can identify the user but cannot access any other information about the person.

87o9 Spykee is compatible with other Meccano set parts.

At least one owner has modified Spykee to be able to move its "head" (and thus its webcam) up and down. v=f N_9rkov W6s It is advertised as an open-source robot, although no API or SDK has been officially released.

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