Sports girls without claths

There are three crucial components which all fashion figures require: a balance line, a high shoulder, and an opposing high hip. However, this time (after drawing the balance line and putting down the 10 head marks) tilt the shoulder line so that one side is higher.

Tilt the high hip, too, but with the opposite side higher.

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For the calves, make a smaller cylindrical shape by curving the lines from the knees and then tapering them at the ankles, which jut out slightly on the inner half of each leg.

However, as fashion school students learn, there's a big difference between proper body proportions in art and in fashion.

In art, the body's proportions are measured in heads.

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If you want to embrace your inner fashion designer, or just want to learn more about what fashion school is like, read on! the line which determines the body's center of gravity.

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