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(I know, I know, obligatory pics are coming once I get the camera batteries recharged).After checking the Ruger website, the serial number sequence puts year of manufacture in 1965.Gasper (53) Corporate Secretary Products Ruger breaks down their products into four main categories: The Ruger M77 Mark II rifle uses a modified version of the Mauser 98 action. During the '90s, Ruger M77 rifles garnered a reputation for not being particularly accurate.Ruger addressed this problem in the early 2000's by producing their own hammer-forged barrels.Prior to this, they procured barrels from various manufacturers and have admitted that the quality was not as good as what they are now producing.Recent examples of Ruger M77 Mark II rifles have been well regarded by Gun Tests magazine (2002,2004).ubmachine guns*s and extremist movements during the late 1970s and 1980s, William B.

A single amendment to Federal firearms laws could prohibit their possession or sale and would effectively implement these objectives." that angered 2nd Amendment supporters further, saying: "no honest man needs more than 10 rounds in any gun…" and "I never meant for simple civilians to have my 20 and 30 round magazines…".

Ruger stated (in what has come to be known as "The Ruger Letter"):"The best way to address the firepower concern is therefore not to try to outlaw or license many millions of older and perfectly legitimate firearms (which would be a licensing effort of staggering proportions) but to prohibit the possession of high capacity magazines.

By a simple, complete, and unequivocal ban on large capacity magazines, all the difficulty of defining "assault rifles" and "semi-automatic rifles" is eliminated.

The manual in the box has a copyright date of 1965 so that seemed about right for where I guessed it might be.

But, it has a "D" stamped preceding the serial number.

Sullivan (46) Vice President of Newport Operations*Christopher J.

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