These are dating rules lyrics

(Applause) So this is really a great, great bunch of people here, I love it. There are 2,200 men, 2,300 women and five have listed yourselves as undecided.You live in America and you're prepared for the future with this tremendous education you have gotten here at one of the greatest universities in the world.This is going to be exciting, it's a great adventure and this is a new phase in your life. (Applause) Now, of course, this journey is not going to be without any setbacks, failures or disappointments. But you're ready and you are able, and you would not be here today with your degrees and with your honors if you wouldn't be ready.My daughter told me all about, for instance, the Victory Bell.She sat me down and she told me it weighs 295 pounds and how the winner of the annual football game between USC and UCLA takes this bell and gets to paint it in the school colors. Emily: Well, I’d really like to hear about your views.

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I think that they can apply to anyone, but that is for you to decide, because not everyone is the same.

Go ahead masturbate While I call Ronan Farrow to break up this date.

So I think time is up, I’m done with this Even though I’m a white feminist I still need to complain.

I heard that there are 4,500 graduating here today, undergraduate students, so this is fantastic.

(Applause) But anyway, it is really terrific to see here so many graduate students and undergraduate students graduating here today.

And I stopped her in the middle of talking, I said, "Wait a minute, Katherine, back up a little bit. " (Applause) Now, of course, my daughter's journey here at USC is just beginning, and yours is ending.

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