Tough love steve ward dating rules


With the help of his mother, Jo Ann and his sister, Monica Ward, the core of the series is revealing the truth about what the opposite sex really thinks when it comes to dating.

From Melissa's old crush to Danielle's baby daddy, these exes bring enough drama to bootcamp to leave our ladies angry, crying and in one case, still in love with the man who left her behind 7 years ago.The series revolves around "Tough Love Bootcamp" where Steve works with a group of single, attractive women (and men in Season 5, Co-Ed) living together in a house to change their dating ways.Steve guarantees that if they follow his rules, by the end of boot camp, they will be ready for love.Handsome, cocky and smart, Steve Ward is America's maestro of love.His brutally honest approach to matchmaking has made him and his mother, Jo Ann Ward, one of the most successful matchmaking teams in the country.The one local of the bunch, a single mom who lives in Metairie, seemed the most sympathetic, although she wasn't featured much this episode.

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