Trust your gut in dating


So, while you can trust that your gut is telling you something, it is up to you to decide what that something is.To figure out what your gut is telling you, and to decide how to respond to it, begin by noting any discrepancies between what you feel and what you think.As you reflect upon your emotions, you will gain insights into what they really mean.For instance, feeling anxious can mean you sense dishonesty and feel emotionally unsafe; or it can mean that you feel hopeful about having met someone wonderful and fear the unknown course the relationship will take.In situations like this, you need to be willing to be honest with yourself and then ask yourself again, “What is the thing to do?” Of course, trusting your gut is easy when your heart and head are in sync and all signs indicate “full speed ahead.” But when careful attention to your gut reveals an inner conflict, it’s important to figure out what’s behind the tension.By Leslie Becker-Phelps, Ph D When you go on a first date – or first meet someone new – you may have an immediate reaction to the person. Yes, you can trust that your reaction is telling you something about the other person, or at least your perception of them.

I spent a lifetime questioning my ability to deal with difficult people.For example, if you’re used to controlling people in your life, this may make you inclined to choose a partner who is overly controlling.And it might also make you inclined to reject someone who shows caring and consideration – such warmth and respect may be so unfamiliar that it makes you uncomfortable.But at other times it could mean that you are uncomfortable with being seen positively and treated with kindness. When your heart and head are in disagreement, you need to use both to guide your way.And as you consider both, repeatedly ask yourself, “What is the thing to do?I didn’t know how to deal with a conniving, two-faced co-worker.

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