Tulisa dating dappy

Luckily, she was lucky to have her Uncle, Byron Contostavlos by her side, who helped her to overcome her trouble and made her stable.

Talking about her education, she enrolled at Haverstock Secondary School.

Prior to this relation, she was first in a relationship with The Dream.

After that, she was in a relationship with Richard Rawson dating back to 2010 till January 2012.

However, they decided to end their relation, and she, later on, was in a relationship with Jack O’Connell in 2012.

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Soon, they released their debut album in November 2008.Her childhood was very dramatic and challenging as per her say.It was to the extent that, she tried to commit suicide more than once.After gaining enough fame and support from the fans, the band went out on their first tour all over the US.Furthermore, the band released second album ‘Against All Odds.’ in November 2009.Tulisa appeared singing a solo song, ‘Comfortable.’ Just after it was two months after the release, it was certified platinum.

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