Updating a tri level house Camfree us nm


The lower level with the family room and den can be renovated and refurbished for other purposes – perhaps, a guest bedroom or a permanent suite for adult children who have returned to the family home.The house too dark from the curb and the front door a bit boring?

It was bigger, affordable and occupied less acreage than a ranch.A manicured lawn with flowers and plants framing the steps going up the covered front door; flower boxes on windows, the living/dining/entertaining area highlighted by the tall front windows. The Split Level house plan is a variation on Ranch style, designed to maximize smaller lots.In this plan, the top level has the living/dining rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and some bedrooms – keep in mind, the split-level and bi-level are elevated variations of the one-story ranch house plan, so bedrooms can be on this floor.A typical bi-level home with the main entry in the center of the two floors.In truth, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie style - low-hanging roofs, built close to the ground, and open floor plans - was the inspiration for the split-level.

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