Updating bathroom mirrors

I didn’t have clips on my mirror but did have a countertop on the bottom to work around – I decided to make my boards overlap on top of the mirrror a good bit.To adhere the wood to the mirror, I used a liquid nail product that is specifically designed for mirrors.Use a little mirror adhesive, caulk, or even hot glue to add trim moldings right onto the mirror.Think geometric patters that can be easily achieved with a miter saw and a little caulk.a decorative ribbon or cord could also be used to hide the hanging mechanics.Just make sure to use appropriately sized and weighted hardware for the weight/size of your mirror.

Here are some great ideas for updating a bathroom with mirrors.

Use felt bumpers, or even better, museum putty to protect the bottom mirror. Source: My Luscious Life What about a wall of mirrors?

Hang an assortment of mismatched mirrors, either on top of an existing mirror or on an opposite wall for a multitude of reflections.

I browsed the wood and trim aisles of Home Depot and picked out a primed 1×4 inch trim board.

I could have gone with a basic pine board which are super cheap BUT if you do that you have knots and grain and things to work around.

Source: House and Home Imagine these his and hers mirrors hung onto a builder’s mirror—so Fab you would never even notice the plain Jane mirror underneath!

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