Updating database from datagridview in vb net


add an update method to the Table Adapter and use this update method instead to update the Data Table. What is the Select command of INPUT_TESTLIMITSTable Adapter? Accept Changes() End Sub End Class It is likely then that the INPUT_TESTLIMITSTable Adapter is unable to generate the Update command based on the Select command used. change the Select command such that the Table Adapter can automatically generate the Update command, or 2.Alex Nixon: Great tutorial - though I'm having a problem when running the update query. I got this working perfectly after I added my ID field to my Query. I've figured out that the issue is because I'm formatting the data in the select query e.g. Get Update Command"But I can only save changes in 1 datagrid the second datagrid reverts back after I hit save. now my Question is I have tried to combine this with another of your lessons "VB. So if I select a "Test Method" Cell and click a button that table opens in a new form with just that "Test Method" (if I for example have selected a cell with the number 1, Test Method 1 will be shown in the new form). I can even change values and update it to database in the first "Products" table. Map your parameters to the columns of the associated Data Table. INPUT_TESTLIMITS' and index name 'PK_INPUT_TESTLIMITS'. This comprehensive step-by-step guide will help get your database-driven ASP. So here is the problem The Data Grid View that shows the products is bound to a table and always shows the same thing which makes it easy to change and update using the following code Private Sub Button1_Click(By Val sender As System. With the Table Adapter Update INPUT_TESTLIMITS method selected in the Data Set designer, goto the Properties window, click on Parameters, then click on the appearing Elipsis (...) button to open up the Parameters Collection Editor. INPUT_TESTLIMITS, ID) End Sub Private Sub Button1_Click(By Val sender As System. Accept Changes() End Sub This will change later when I add a search function. The Data Grid View thats shows the other parameters cant be updated using just this code cause I get an error that says "Invalid Operation Exception" "Update requires a valid Update Command when passed Data Row collection with modified rows." It seems like the problem is that because I change the data under run its not really bound to the database. I have found some similiar problems and it seems I need to update each row using the command Table Adapter. But I am new to Visual Studio and I dont really know how to get that to work. Looking at your query string though, I would have assume that Grou ID is the PK. Any idea how to fix this in MS SQL Server 2005 or where I can ask? Here follows the entire code for showing the Parameter Table in a Data Grid View. Public Class Form3 'ID is the value from the cell selected in the Products table Dim ID As Integer Private Sub Form2_Load(By Val sender As System. You need to make sure your database tables have primary keys if you want to edit data, then re-run the wizard on your existing Data Source in the Data Sources window." You think this could be the problem? It's possible that the issue arose due to a lack of a PK in the table but I can't be sure that it is the case because all my tables, except temporary ones have a PK.

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NET database tutorial, I will show you how to load your database records into a Data Grid View and update, insert, and delete records from your database with changes made in the Data Grid. In this tutorial I'll be using SQLce (Compact Edition), but you can use any database of your choosing. can u please tell me if i use it for inner join queries it works for me or not. Fast Forward: - Creating a Sample Database - Creating our SQL Control Class - Working with the Data Grid View TUTORIAL FEATURES SQL Ce (Compact Edition) - Sample Database Data Grid View - Populate Data Grid and Update Database Button - Save Classes - SQLControl SQL Data Set, Data Adapter, Sql Command TIP JAR: Galante: I am building a program to update a database with data from an imported excel sheet but i and i like your method to save the database updates. i mean it will update the inner join tables or not ? Just an idea: I'd love to see any vids/ideas you have on integrating Outlook with MSAccess. Juan Javier Rufino Arias: Hello, is a very nice tutorial, i tried to download it with the link that you provided but it looks like the link is not working. i have database named database1and in that database there are 5 tables named Base_plate, Alloy, Bead_type, Difficulty_factor and price_Factor. while tring this i got the error in sqlcecommandbuilder i.e. Select Command property needs to be initialized."please help me out. It's kinda weird that the Table Adapter could not generate the Update statement from the Select statement. You will be asked to give a method to this query later.I tried to incorporates your example to my project but I am not able to copy the rows from the datagrid view with the excel spreadsheet to the grid that has your example. my email is [email protected] cell no is 923154012074 from Lahore, Pakistan MEF Rails: Awesome video! My current application uses an Access table linked to Outlook Contacts. It can't enforce Referential Integrity for foreign keys. Is it posible to download the examples on another webpage.

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