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Fedora Core contained all the base packages that were required by the operating system, as well as other packages that were distributed along with the installation CD/DVDs, and was maintained only by Red Hat developers.Fedora Extras, the secondary repository that had been included since Fedora Core 3, was community-maintained and not distributed along with the installation CD/DVDs.

The issue was resolved and the parties settled on a co-existence agreement that stated that the Cornell-UVA project could use the name when clearly associated with open source software for digital object repository systems and that Red Hat could use the name when it was clearly associated with open source computer operating systems.Additional software is available from the software repositories and can be installed using the DNF package manager or GNOME Software.Software that is not available via official Fedora repositories, either because it doesn't meet Fedora's definition of free software or because its distribution may violate US law, can be installed using third-party repositories.The current spins as of Fedora 27 that are featured on official Fedora site are Fedora KDE, Fedora XFCE, Fedora LXQT, Fedora Mate-Compiz, Fedora Cinnamon, Fedora LXDE, and Fedora SOAS.The Fedora AOS (Appliance Operating System) is a specialized spin of Fedora with reduced memory footprint for use in software appliances.As such, Rawhide is often more feature rich than the current stable release.

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