Updating inventory vba

In user form, after entering your data, click on enter button to save the entry. i want to develop an inventory workbook that can automatically update the balance quantity for every input or output items. what i need is, when i input : A) item code in E6 (sheet1) B) IN or OUT process in E8 ( sheet1) D) quantity in E10 (sheet1) then the formula can automatically lookup the necassary item from column B (sheet2) and update the respective inventory in column H (sheet2) based on values in step B and C above. Stock In sheet will contain your entire stock-in data.Each entry is captured with a unique serial number, and you can use that serial number to refer to a specific entry.

It will get the rest of the data from your product master sheet.

And, if you are using pro version, the stock-in return will also be captured here in this sheet.

Same like stock-in sheet stock-out will contain entire stock out data.

It then pulls the items name and few other pieces of information about so the user can make sure they chose the right item. I have a text box labeled "amount used" and what I want to happen is the user to pick the item, put in the amount used and click the "update" button then it will update the quantity remaining of that item in the excel spreadsheet.

I kind of need something that will take the value from the spread sheet and subtract the value inserted into the textbox and change that value in the spread sheet when the user hits update.

You can enter your data in this sheet using stock out user form.

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